Six Ways From Sunday

booksIt’s early Sunday morning and the voices in my head are complaining. My headspace, usually so full of stories and characters, is being taken over by questions. Am I doing enough to promote my book? Is the book good enough to deserve promotion? How can I even call myself an author if no one reads what I write?

I’m tired of it!

So, here are six things I can do this week to make more space for the stories inside.

1. Write daily.

It often feels like writing is the first thing I want to do, and the last thing I actually get done. There’s always work to finish, housework, and family chores. By the time all this gets done there is very little ‘me’ left to write with.  This week I’m changing that. It doesn’t matter if the dishes sit ’till morning. I’m committing to 15 minutes a day of writing for myself, on any story. It might be baboon crap words, but the words must happen.

2. Set limits on checking Amazon/Goodreads.

Nothing brings me down more than obsessively checking my Amazon KDP page. No new sales, no new reviews (or even worse, bad reviews) and I’m right back at the beginning questioning my right to put words on paper.

3. Plan a weekly blog post.

When I started this blog I committed to doing a weekly post. I think the only way I’ll get it done is by scheduling it and making myself responsible. So I’ve put the topic and expected posting date on my Outlook, just to keep me honest.

4. Take myself on a writing date.

I promise to give myself 60 minutes, all to myself. No phone, no facebook, no twitter, no family. Just me, Starbucks, and my notebook.

5.  Get back in touch with my writing support people.

I’ve been ignoring the friends who started me on this crazy road. The ones who convinced me that I could write words in the first place. I need these people, badly. They are my support on days when my own brain becomes the enemy.

6. Read something new.

The best and easiest way I know to get my brain out of the doldrums is to inject new ideas. This week I will read two books outside my normal list of authors/genre’s and see what kind of bubbling they set off.

7. Stick to the Twitter game.

I’ve been doing better on twitter lately. Following up on conversations and taking part in some of the twitter games. This week I’m going to keep up with #wipwordsearch and #turtlewriters.

Okay, Sandra, thats seven, not six, are you sure you can stick to such an ambitious list? Maybe. But It feels good on a cold Sunday Morning to know what I’ll be doing to improve my writing world this week. I’ll check back next week with the results!





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