The Hell In-Between

Or…what happens when there are too many voices inside your head.

As I’ve told you, probably ad nauseam, Peace Out launches on May 25th. I’ve done the blog tour, done the promos, done the teasers, and uploaded everything to Amazon. There is nothing I can do now but move on. But to what?

I’ve currently got so many works in process that my poor brain is frozen in mid-sentence and the words have all run away to join a union and protest for more sanity in the workplace.  So here is a list of the most current stories on the pile, not all of them, just all that are developed enough to turn into a real storyline.  Tell me, what would you like to read next?

Sky Road: Book 2.

Continuing from Y’keta’s acceptance of his place in the village, this story digs deeper into the war with the Utlaak and the price the people will pay to survive. It also follows Siann as she searches to understand her power as a shaman and as a woman.  (Fantasy, Mythology)


The magic of the world is failing.  Everywhere Wild magic is erupting, Geoquakes and Magical Volcanoes spring up all over as rogue forces draw magic from the world’s core without replacing it. GeoMages are warning that the instability won’t resolve unless the magic at the world’s core is rejuvenated. When Tio and Amy, two young students at GAV (The Geographical Academy of Vulcanology) find evidence of fracking, forcing magic from the earth along geological fault lines. They are faced with impossible questions.  – Does the government know about the danger?  Would they believe two freshman mages even if Tio and Amy could prove it? (YA Sci-Fi)

Do Not Go Gently

The world is dying. Everyone knows. Even the gods are abandoning the planet one by one and drifting into the void. Can a young slave girl confront the last dragonsmith, and convince him to fight for the time her world has left? Or will they all be lost to the eternal night.  (Fantasy, Sci-Fi)

Alpha’s Mate

Wolf Shifter Rand Kuniak wanted nothing more than to escape his small town roots in in northern Alberta. After years living in the big city, Rand is reassigned, back to the town he ran away from and the responsibilities of the pack he doesn’t want.  Can he finally find someone who will meet his needs in the north-woods? Or is Rand destined to run again? (PNR Romance)

Comment below with which one you think should come next. I’m taking all options at this point!







One thought on “The Hell In-Between

  1. Anything about Siann would make me happy, but that’s just me. Also, I am loving what you put about Do Not Go Gently (and now the Thomas work is going through my head, thanks for that at bed time lol!). However, whatever you do next I would be glad to read! ♥

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