Welcome to my Worlds!

Hi, my name is Sandra Hurst and I write Epic Fantasy, Romance, & Sci-Fi novels and short stories.

As a child in England, stories and legends surrounded me, I learned how important imagination was. When I was eight, we moved to northern Canada and the legends changed. Stories of the Fae and the little people were replaced by legends of the Thunderbird and stories of the woodlands.  I never stood a chance.  What could I be but a writer?

Growing up in Northern Alberta gave me a great love and respect for the wildlands and indigenous cultures which made its way into the worlds I create. A mythmaker at heart, I started writing poetry in middle school and soon graduated to novels and short stories.

yketa ebook BNExile

Two strangers, one running from responsibility, one dying to be given it, together they can save the People, but only if they can stop arguing.

A young exile, Y’keta, finds a place to belong, only to find his new home threatened by secrets from his past. If he reveals what he knows to the villagers, it will tear their history and traditions apart but sharing his secrets may be their only hope for survival.

Siann has always dreamt of being a shaman. She longs for the day when she will be one of the Elders of the People. Her power whispers that this newest warrior is hiding something, and she has sworn to uncover his secrets.

Exile is an epic fantasy set in an ancient world, where legends Walk and the Sky Road offers a way to the stars.

warrior ebook      Guardian

Decisions can haunt you.

Five cycles ago Y’keta’s fear of responsibility drove him into exile. Now, settled in a new village, he faces the same choice again.

The Utlaak horde is on the move. Burning village after village in their search for the mysterious Lifebinder Crystal, and Siann, the young shaman who controls it. Soon, they will find his village, and her.

On that day Y’keta must decide if he will risk losing everything he has come to love, or will he finally become what he was meant to be?
The Guardian.

Peace Out

Peace Out final cover.Brent Harrington is gone and Cyn Redman really couldn’t give a rat’s ass. While the whole town celebrates or mourns the end of the Harrington dynasty, Cyn’s life is falling apart. Her mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer, throwing Cyn’s heart, as well as her future plans into turmoil.

The last thing Cyn is looking for is Jericho, the quiet, soft-spoken ranch hand from the McBride place. Between the clinic closing, her mom’s health, and Cyn’s long-delayed college plans, there are already too many uncertainties. Could Jericho be the anchor she needs so desperately as her world falls apart? Or is he just another excuse not to let go of Peace and move on.


I now live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and son, both of whom I love dearly, and have put up for sale on e-bay when their behaviour demanded it.  My day to day life is a balance between my outside life as a paralegal counsellor and my inner life as an author/poet. In between, I work on improving my writing, studying the history and languages, writing book reviews, and blogging on my website.

Media Links:   ethical author

Thank you for walking the Sky Road with me.

I look forward to seeing you for the next adventure.


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