The Freedom Broker – K.J. Howe

51f0J0lncjLFast paced and gorgeously detailed The Freedom Broker is a great read. From a billionaire’s yacht in Santorini Greece to the child soldiers of sub-Saharan Africa it never misses a beat. The action switches seamlessly from the boardroom to the jungle – never revealing who the real monster is.

Thea Paris has dedicated her life to becoming one of the top Kidnap Ransom specialists in the world. Set against the brutal underground world of terrorism and industrial espionage, The Freedom Broker brings us this strong, yet tragically vulnerable woman who is driven to make sure that the tragedies that shattered her family never touch anyone else. Driven by her past she risks her life over and over, determined to bring everyone home alive.

If you love thrillers of any kind, procedural, military, espionage, this is for you.

As for me – Dear K.J. Howe. He’s not dead – sequel please!