The Kalevala Affair – GW Renshaw.

imagesThis third entry in the Veronica Chandler affairs starts off with a bang.  After accepting a case to find an ancient European artifact, Veronica heads to London and runs into the first of many attempts to stop her from completing the job. Permanently.

From there, the book takes a ferocious pace leading us pell-mell from London, through Finland, Sweden, Poland until it crash lands on the shores of a volcano in Hawaii.

The heroine is challenged not only by the case but by the emotional and physical fallout remaining from the first two novels. Nevertheless, she finds companions along the way and succeeds with the help of an old, very old, friend, if you can call a demon a friend.

The writing is, as always in Mr. Renshaw’s books, tight and at points feels sparse, fitting the feel of an old school detective novel.  Whether it’s showing the details of a Nightwish performance, or exploring the ancient history of Northern Europe, Mr. Renshaw always shows that he has not only done his research on the subject matter, but knows it well enough to throw in the odd Easter Egg as a sly nod to the genre.

Looking forward to book 4!