Happy Evan After – Book Giveaway.

Happily Evan After: (Fall for You #1) by [Smith, Fleur]

All’s fair in love and … love?
As a cupid, Evan knows all about emotions. The good and the bad. He basks in the afterglow of new love, but his end goal is the promise of paradise and a reunion with his soulmate in return for his service.

At least until he receives an impossible assignment. His love has been reincarnated, and his next job is to find her a match. Bound by duty, he must resist her charm and suppress his own desires. His task is clear and he cannot fail, even if it means his own paradise is now lost.

After all, falling in love is against the rules. Isn’t it?

His next assignment is to find a new match for his former love. What’s a cupid to do when falling in love is against the rules?

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