Faith, Mysticism, Me.

Sunrise in the Fog.

In my life I have believed in many things. I have been everything from an amateur wiccan, to a name-it-and-claim-it Christian, to a working missionary and back again. My mother believed that the moon was a reflection of the sun, because in the 1920’s that is what the school taught. My nephew believed that eating broccoli would turn him into a ninja turtle, because his aunt (/blush) convinced him it was true. Belief has to be more than intellectual acceptance.

Can Christianity and tribalism or mysticism or whatever ‘ism you want to call it co-exist? I think I need to know.

I am not spending a great deal of time editing these notes, just throwing them out for selected people to comment and reply to. I don’t want to start controversy rather to discuss intelligently with people I respect the disconnect between my mind and a heart that seems to be increasingly given to mysticism. Many years ago during a prayer meeting I was told that I was an easter egg, all chocolate on the outside but hollow in the middle. Maybe I finally need to break the egg to find out.

This note is hopefully to help boost an ongoing internal conversation into belief, faith and other things of serious or not serious portent. In the last months I have been challenged several times on ‘what I believe’ and I’m not sure I can answer. What does it mean to believe something? the dictionary says “to believe as true”- to intellectually accept and agree with. If I was asked, according to that definition -what I believe I would probably quote John 3:16 and as much of the Apostle’s creed as I can remember, but I don’t know what that means when I also believe in the spirit of the Crow who follows and protects our family when traveling and the need in my heart to stare into campfires and try to hear some whisper of the Fae drums of a long gone time.

Comments are very welcome… Discuss!

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