Beyond the Code

Beyond the CodeThis epic sword and sorcery novel by Kelsey Rae Barthel is a bright addition to the fantasy genre.

The supernaturally gifted Knights have served their masters for generations, pledging their loyalty, honour, and service in return for the masters’ guarantee that their kind will be hidden and protected. But now that ancient Order is breaking down, oaths will be broken and truths revealed that could destroy their world.

Luna is a born Knight, sworn to serve her master, sworn to never get involved with anything outside of her duty.  But, when her master is murdered she vows revenge, even if it means breaking every oath she ever took.

The Hunter has only one order, eliminate the renegade Knight no matter what it takes. Can Luna hold off the Hunter long enough to uncover the truth behind her master’s death? Will he listen when she tells him that their entire history has become a lie?

Barthel weaves an intriguing and poetic net that caught me from the very first sentence. “Someone once told me that the true enemy of truth is time.”  How could you not love this!

Her use of words is exceptional and, although I wanted to apply the grammar-hammer in a few places, the book is very well written and edited.

I don’t give many five star reviews. This book deserves it.