Mental Damnation – Reality

This is the second book of Mr. Lavery’s that I’ve reviewed. Honestly, I went into it with expectations that it would have the same creepy, nightmare-three-weeks-later, effect that his earlier work, Seed Me, had. It didn’t, for which, in part, I’m grateful.

Mental DamnationMental Damnation reads a lot more like a dark fantasy novel than a horror ‘creepy’ novel. The main characters are a bit two-dimensional, and at times, the society they live in seems more relevant than the people do.  I think that I may be a bit tired of the ‘helpless girl/tough hood’ meme.  The characters did pick up as the book moved on though, I think Mr. Lavery has the start of something interesting, I just hope that he carries the main story forward in the sequels.

The ending of this book is a bit of a shock, as the world turns itself inside out in the last chapter. Without getting spoilery, any book that I feel the need to re-read to make sure that the ending is justified, and not a deux ex machina plot device, is pushing it.


I’m giving this one 3 cappuccinos because I think the main story line is good, I’m hoping the sequels follow that and don’t get lost in the twist.


** I received an ARC copy of Mr. Laven’s book from his publicist in return for an honest review. No other compensation was given or is expected.**