The Stable Vices Affair – G. W. Renshaw.

Chandler1This is not your mother’s, Nancy Drew!

I read this book in one voracious chomp. The main character, Veronica Chandler is a young private eye, just setting up her investigations business. Unfortunately, her first two cases don’t quite match the stuff she learned in her P.I. course. Between Dwarves, Aliens, and a possible demonic presence, the young P.I. has a hard time trying to keep reality screwed in right. The book is written in first person with a definite nod to the old Mickey Spillane, trench coat and fedora, detective books.

While this can be considered a Y.A. book, I wouldn’t recommend it to young teens. The action is fairly fast paced and there are several scenes of unconventional sexuality which are dealt with in a straight forward manner. No polite fade to black here.

Final opinion? Would I recommend this to my 16 year old son, maybe not. Am I going to read the rest of the series? Definitely!