Tam Lin – a faery tale revisited

The responses to this book are as varied and strident as schools of thought and poetry it dances among.

This retelling 51106of the Scottish ballad Tam Lin is set in a 1970’s liberal arts college. Like all good faery tales, Tam Lin does not reveal the magic at its heart quickly or all at once. Your journey with the main character, Janet Carter, stays firmly grounded in the world of college until you notice that ghosts and rumours of ghosts are fitting around in your peripheral vision.

Once the rich strange world of the Faery has slyly sidled onto the stage, you accept it. Because if you check the hairs on the back of your neck, it’s been there all along.

If you love literary quotes and allusions, and clever pacing that doesn’t throw all the players on the stage at once, then you may love Tam Lin as much as I do.