Smoldering Hearts – Cover Reveal

Here’s the cover for a brand new romance novel by Jennifer Vester. Don’t forget to scroll down, since Jennifer has been kind enough to give us a bit of a teaser for the book.

Smoldering Hearts

High-risk. Something that Madison Crawford had been avoiding for the last five years. After the loss of her firefighting fiancé years ago she had vowed that dating would never enter her life again. It was dangerous to think that love would happen a second time.

Being single was safe. No danger. Zero. She had her shop and her dad’s firefighting buddies to take care of to occupy her time. It was enough…most days. But when a deal is struck with her dad, she may have to change her predictable ways.

Then he barged in bringing danger with him in more ways than one. Green eyes with a body that fueled fantasies. And oh — that dirty mouth. He would burn her if she let him. All she had to do was resist his looks and the flames he was igniting. Simple, right?

High-risk. Something Owen Fleming had always loved. The thrill of the hunt. The adrenaline rush. Bounty Hunter by trade, occasional bodyguard. As long as he kept bad things from happening to good people he was in.

Being single was a choice. He didn’t have time for love with his occupation. And with long hours and longer absences, most women weren’t interested. It was enough…for now. But the job wore on him more days than not and he craved a change.

Then he met her. It only took one powerful moment. Blue eyes hit him and he was gone. She ignited something in him and made him burn. And now he was on the hunt to possess her while protecting her from the danger he’d brought into her life. She would be his one way or another. Simple, right?

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