Guest Author – Punam Farmah

Greetings deluded literarians!

This week I’m joined by my friend and fellow author in the Peace Novella Series, Punam Farmah.  Punam writes in several different genres including Romance and non-fiction (Gardening books!)

Welcome Punam, and thank you for dropping my my corner of the literary blogosphere.  I know that we worked together on the Peace Novella Series. After the mysterious break line she’ll tell us a bit more about she you started writing, and about her other projects.

What was your inspiration to begin writing about gardening?

Chilli seeds! I started to write about gardening, and decided to write a gardening blog. Truth is, I’ve been making up stories since I was eight. I was sixteen before I decided to pick up a pen, commit things to paper. It was that or day dream for hours on end.

What brought about the switch to writing fiction?

A day-dream whilst teaching; it kept my attention after the class had ended and felt like a story that needed to be told.  It also felt human, in a different sense to writing about gardening.

Punam’s first fiction work is a beautiful novel of loss and redemption called Fragments.   It’s a touching and down to earth picture of life, death, and all the wonderous moments in between.

Life starts and life ends. In between we form relationships and friendships. We have husbands, wives, sons, daughters and we mustn’t forget pets. Memories form that shape who we are and what we do. Only for death to cast it all askew. What we know becomes nothing by fragments, torn up and thrown to the winds. The Anands lose a wife and mother, Matthew is lost without his grandmother, Daniel loses the man he loved, Michael wonders about having children and Maya is a mother bereaved. Within are six inter-related stories explore what happens when the universe as we know it implodes and entirely. Grief is a journey to be travelled by them with emotions to be experienced as their lives are changed. Whilst they feel alone they are all connected and these are their stories. Family, friends and even our pets cannot escape when it comes to the footprint that is left by death

Tomorrow I’ll feature the sequel to Fragments, and talk to Punam about the switch from this darker work to Retreating to Peace, one of the Peace Romance Novella Series.

In the mean time, here are some places to find out more about Punam’s books!
Retreating To Peace: A Peace Series Novella by [Farmah, Punam]

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