Shadow-Keepers Series – Jas. T. Ward.



Welcome to the Grid.

For centuries the Breakers-immortal badasses trying to earn their way out of hell, and Relays-their human counterparts, have fought a night by night war against the Epsilon, son of Lucifer. His goal is nothing less than the destruction of both heaven and hell.

The Breakers may not be winning, but the balance is maintained and the human world kept safe and ignorant.

Into this delicate balancing act crash the Keepers. Beings chosen to house and control, but not to destroy, the darkest primal powers.

It makes for a hell of a mess and a great series of stories.

I went into this series with high expectations and it didn’t disappoint. The people Ms. Ward introduces in the Shadow-Keepers series are honest, multi-faceted and endearing. and Oh My GAWD hot! (You will fall for Reno, hard!)

If you enjoyed the Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon you will feel right at home on the Grid. There are definite similarities but Ms. Ward manages to keep the stories riveting and the people interesting without the disturbingly dark overtones that crept into Ms. Kenyon’s works.

Book six of this series; Murder, is expected out soon. I’m waiting for it!