Book Signing – Quietus

MEET THE AUTHOR MSWWhat happens when too much power is placed in the hands of a few corrupt individuals? The country of Covona has come under the control of a dictator. After their bitter defeat in the war against Solime, Aura Zarling builds a wall between the two countries. She promises to make Covona strong and pure, and free of dysfunctionals. Restrictions on euthanasia are abolished. Quietus becomes law.

Dr. Piter Dram is blind to the destructiveness of Aura’s regime. He becomes a victim of his own greed and egoism. News reporter Tresha Farwell fights for human rights with an underground network. She must call upon all her strength and resilience to resist the tyrant that has taken over the country, especially now that her son, a boy with Down’s syndrome, is labeled a dysfunctional.

What separates democracy from dictatorship? The insidiousness of evil encroaches all too easily when guards are dropped.