Crystal Dreams – Tracy Milosovich


Crystal Dreams is set in a fantasy world where the magical creatures of the planet Tartan 51b05l6vRVL._AA160_have been dragged into the orbit of earth. The war between the humans and the magical creatures has taken the life of Milfa the magical queen of Tartan and Mita, the king, will do anything to bring her back.

This includes finding the human who is the genetic reincarnation of his beloved Milfa and forcing her to become Queen.

I’ve struggled with writing this review. The storyline seems valid and interesting, the sub-plots keep things twisting along nicely, but the whole thing seems like it was rushed out the door months too soon.

I can only hope that If the author had been given time to do a complete review of the material prior to publishing, that the end product would have come up to her stories potential. It really needs a thorough edit for format and spelling/autocorrect (oh my Land the spelling errors! In one scene the commander yells “Hit the dick” instead of deck.)

The world and the story have potential, I hope the author keeps polishing.

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