The True Love Affair – G. W. Renshaw

4I’ll admit to being a bit conflicted about this novel. The first three books in this series were full of the things I’d expect in a young adult mystery, a bit procedural, a bit Dick Tracy, with just a smidge of paranormal intrigue and a main character that was quirky and wonderful. I loved them!

This book is a demon of a different dimension, blithely blending and hopping genre’s with shameless abandon.

While the point of view hopping in the first chapter was a bit off-putting, once the story moved into the present, it picked up with the speed of a freight train.

With Demons, Goddesses and dimensional slippage on every corner, this book quickly became less about Veronica Chandler than it was about revealing the paranormal underpinnings that had only been hinted about in the first three Affairs.

As usual, Renshaw does a great job of keeping the action moving and the locations detailed and interesting.

Overall an interesting read!    Waiting for the next one.