Twisted Fidelity – H.J. Liza

This book is jam51Msr3NX1HLmed with romance, action, suspense and danger.

It breaks my heart that I can’t recommend it. I hate it when a book tries so hard and just falls short.

The story revolves around Tilly, a young woman in love with two handsome men, one a famous actor, the other his bodyguard. Throw in a psychotic ex-girlfriend, a runaway cat, the intriguing interplay of a polyamorous relationship and the stage was set for high octane adventure/romance.  So of course, this is where the wheels came off.

The main characters Tilly, Drake, and Shaun come to the start of the book as complete entities.  The book is totally plot driven with the three main characters never once taking any action that changes the course of the story. They run into plenty of plot action but show no significant character development.

There is nothing that says ‘lazy’ to me like a character walking past a mirror and using it to describe themselves, so to have paragraphs of  this right at the beginning of the novel was death to any kind of real connection to the main character for me.

What finished it off was the obvious autocorrect editing. Words were replaced randomly throughout the manuscript (balled instead of bald, leach instead of leech etc. etc. ). I was left with the impression that either Ms. Liza did not speak English as a first language, or that she was just putting out a half-baked manuscript.  This book didn’t get within ten miles of a professional editor.

It’s sad really because she is one of the few writers that I’ve seen who dealt with polyamorous relationships with sensitivity, allowing the characters to honestly love each other, not just hook up.

I would need to see real improvement to read anything further by this author, but I’m hoping I see it.