Furr by Axel Howerton


“From the south, three sisters fair

Ran athwart the gloom,

Dressed in fur, fierce of tooth

The maidens of the moon”

This rhyme runs through Jimmy’s past, a cocktail of drugs, alcohol, and therapy keep him paralysed in the present.  When he wakes up in the hospital, under guard, with the doctors talking about him coughing up human fingers, he figures he cant sink any lower. At that moment  hope appears, a stranger claiming to know his father, starts Jimmy on a fast paced adventure to find the truth about himself and the mythical Strong Wolves of Bensonhall.

If you are looking for a typical werewolf story, this isn’t one. It is an outstanding, tautly-written voyage into the soul of a man who just happens to be a werewolf.  Written in first person, Mr. Howerton’s  anti-hero grabs you from the first page and drags you with him through the agonizing transformation from loser to leader.

Book two can’t come fast enough!