The Prince and the Puppet Affair – G.W. Renshaw

If you are looki51QwpmGrm9L._SS300_ng for a Nancy Drew teen mystery, this isn’t it.

This second book in the Veronica Mars series swings wildly between being a paranormal mystery to a police procedural at the drop of the main character’s fedora.

The main characters are slowly developing as the books progress and although I could wish for more complexity, I think that given the genre, they are progressing nicely.

Despite being a definite teen level read, Mr. Renshaw never shies away from the dark side of the mystery genre, dealing with everything from rape to obsession with a level of ‘everyday’ calmness that is both reassuring and at some level disturbing in a teen book.

As a Calgarian, I love the detailed settings and find myself truly ‘grounded’ in the book. I know those streets and grew up in the neighbourhoods that Veronica describes.

There are definitely more questions than answers given in the book and book three will be on my TBR list very soon!