Nerdboobs – by T.M. Grinsley

Available February 22, 2018:  Preorder Link:

37464496A Warrior / Nerd romance?

This could be hilarious.

And it is!

Brianna loves being a nerd, she’s addicted to her computer games and her Star Wars movies. Her love life is the only part of her life that doesn’t work. Just once she let her heart overrule her mind and fall for a tough ex-military type who shattered her.

With the support of other ex-military friends, Ryan has built a new life as the sheriff of a small Montana town. Everything seems to be going alright if he could only forget the nerd whose heart he broke.

This story has everything, action, humour, tough guys, smart gals, and plenty of sizzle.

I’m going to watch out for the rest of this series.  A definite 5 Cappucinno’s!
Available February 22, 2018 Preorder Link:
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