Mind – The Beginning


This series by Jenn Nixon caught me by surprise.  This genre has disappointed me a lot, I’ve found that so many books promising sci/fi romance end up as nothing but an excuse for alien backdrops in sex scenes.

The Mind Series did not disappoint me.

It’s a great mix of plot and character which speeds you from one tautly written action scene to the next. The love story between Liam and Dina unfolds at a natural pace with all the normal angst of hurting people trying to heal each other.

Ms. Nixon balances her futuristic plot elements around a sound combo cast of well-written characters in a very believable fight to save both human psychics and the half-breed children of aliens from being used by the forces fighting to control their powers.

The rest of this series has been purchased and I’m looking forward to digging into it as soon as I can.  A solid 4.5 stars from me!