Seed Me -Konn Lavery

seed-meI have to be honest, I didn’t like this book – but neither could I put it down.

I received it as an ARC and read it in a ‘4am but I have to finish it’ kind of hurry.

The main character comes from a dark place and,  despite his attempts to climb out of his drug addicted gutter, he   ends in a darker one.  When his room mate/drug supplier talks him into attending a party where a dead girl tries to make out with him.

That’s enough trailers and spoilers.

This book had a ‘creep’ level that I haven’t run into in a long time. Yes there is blood, murder and violence, but that isn’t the point of the book. The creeping, inescapable knowledge that the protagonist will not escape made this book very disturbing.

One thing I would strongly suggest to the publishers though is that the font needs to be more ‘normal.’I found the jagged fonts appropriate for the material but hard on my eyes after a few pages.

If you enjoyed Suicide Stitch by Sarah Johnson or Nix by J.J. Reichenbach, you will love Seed Me.

If not, there is a warning on the first page, heed it. I didn’t and I paid for it in nightmares.