MIND – The Fracture (by Jenn Nixon)

Aliens & Psychics & Romance .. 51G3nRookKL._SY346_Oh My!

Fast-paced and full of well-rounded characters, this fifth instalment of the Mind series strikes the perfect balance between futuristic sci-fi and scorching hot romance. In a future where aliens and their descendants are living in secret among humans, the MIND team works to protect both the alien visitors and human psychics from manipulation by the unscrupulous or power-hungry.

Ms. Nixon’s writing brings the large cast of characters to life, building realistic relationships that give a much-needed emotional touchstone to the science fiction aspects of the story.  While there are a few minor editing issues, none come anywhere near to breaking the flow of the story and I doubt that they would trip you up unless you were trained to look for them.

One point worth mentioning. This is definitely a series read, rather than an easy standalone.  If you are approaching MIND-The Fracture as a first-time reader in this universe it can be a bit confusing. Give it time, use the glossary and this amazingly constructed world will open up to you. Believe me, it’s worth the read.

A solid 4.5/5