Retreating to Peace with Punam Farmah

Welcome back to my guest author, Punam Farmah.

Aside from her darker and more personal works, Fragments & Kangana, last year saw Punam making a first foray into the contemporary romance Genre.

Retreating to Peace is the heartwarming story of Devan Coutrie, an Englishman finding his footing in rural Montana, and Aditi Rau, the beautiful girl couldn’t leave behind.


Devan Coultrie was at a loss. His world had been shaken, his heart fractured and emptied by death. In search of a way to heal and shake of the damage, Devan sticks a pin a map with the intention of going wherever it lands. Leaving the shores of the United Kingdom, he ends up Stateside, deep in the heart of Montana. With all of his worldly possessions, Devan drives into Peace and onto a plot to land to start life over. Like him, the farm and its acreage is downbeat, derelict and defeated. When Aditi Rao arrives in Peace, Devan’s plans for himself and his home are disrupted. He has history with Aditi and she’d quite like to write another chapter. Can he show Aditi that his retreat to Peace is more than just a plot of land and on a different continent? Can he find a way to share his home, his heart and a new beginning?

More about Punam Farmah

If your novel was to be made into a film (or even a TV series), who would you cast in the lead roles? 

Ha! That’s something I think about all the time. So in my imagination; Devan Coultrie is Aidan Turner. Gorbind Phalla is Gianluio Buffon. Deepika Paduone/Priyanka Chopra would be the templates for both Aditi and Padmi. In Fragments, Jamie Dornan was always Chris. Aldo, is Rufus Sewell. As to whether any of these would work, well!

What changes, if any, have you made in your writing to adapt it to a world-wide audience? 

Spelling! Being a Brit, I’ve no real excuse for things not sounding right or looking right on the page.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Short stories, a couple of Gorbind Phalla bits and pieces. The stack of notebooks on my desk suggest things ticking over as long as they can.

Tomorrow we’ll finish up our visit with Punam by looking at her most recent release, Kangana. and finding out a bit about her writing process and how she beats the dreaded writer’s block.


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