My Champion – Alanea Alder

championWhen soft-hearted lion-shifter, Declan,  meets an administrative powerhouse of a vampire named Kari, What could possibly go wrong?

The latest installment of Ms. Alder’s Bewitched and Bewildered series promises lots of laughter, serious heat, and enough danger and suspense to keep the plot rolling; it delivers on all counts.

The action is interspersed with very real relationships, believable, quirky people and the political dynamite that goes off as they try to drag the calcified Elizabethan vampire city into the modern age.

One thing that I particularly enjoyed was the emphasis on relationships other than the ones between Declan and Kari. The book is of course a paranormal romance-so that is centre stage-but it also handles issues of family, both born, found, and adopted with a sensitivity that many authors wouldn’t give to secondary plot lines.

I’m already waiting for the next one!


Definitely a 5 cappuccino read!


*** SPOILER***


If there is one thing I was looking for and didn’t see in this installment of the series it was the sense of connection to the ongoing feral plot against the pillar cities. I just don’t see any movement on that plot in this book, and I expected it.