The Chronicles of Captain Shelley Manhar

I really wanted to love this book.shelly

It  has everything I want to see in a young teen book. A strong female lead, excitement, action, and Pirates! Don’t forget the Pirates!

I’ve often said someone had the ‘bones’ of a good story but that it needed fleshing out. This book has the flesh but the bones seem twisted and out of place.  It’s like a jigsaw puzzle that is still in the box, all the pieces are there but they don’t make a picture. I hate admitting it but I couldn’t finish the book; I just couldn’t.

I’m not sure if the author needs more understanding of plot and character development or just a better, more professional editor, or most likely both.

I’ll keep an eye on this author because I think the story has potential but unless the pacing, grammar, etc. etc.  improves, I won’t be reading another one.