Baby steps and big changes.

I've been quiet on the Sky Road recently, and it almost killed me. There are some big BIG changes happening in the world of Y'keta and now, FINALLY I can tell you about them. Re-release! With the help of my amazing team at Ink-N-Flow Management, I have been busy re-branding both myself as an author … Continue reading Baby steps and big changes.

Hunter’s Gambit- Brandy Ackerley

I'm eagerly waiting for this new release, coming March 15th! I'm a sucker for asian-inspired fantasy and Ackerley is steeped in the traditions and conventions that make it wonderful. About the book: Kuzunoha is running out of options. In just a month she’ll be an adult but as the illegitimate younger daughter of a rich noble, … Continue reading Hunter’s Gambit- Brandy Ackerley

#Friday Fiction 100-Word Challenge / “The Girl Who Takes Pictures of Locks”

I really liked this blog post by Jimmie Bise. Locks have such strong symbolism and what they keep out, or even more importantly – what they keep in, sometimes means the difference between life and death to the soul.

Jimmie Writes

The Girl Who Takes Pictures of Locks

Fiction Friday Some Locks Maybe.jpg

Charly took pictures of locks, any lock she saw. She kept them on her smartphone and scrolled through them every night before she went to bed. She called each of them by name and whispered words of strength over each one. She knew where they were, what they held.

And who they protected.

She always finished with the same picture — five battered padlocks on a rusted orphanage gate. These were the oldest, brave locks and true, the ones she knew best. Her heroes. They had held out the horrors. They had saved her life.

And she would never fail them.

This story is based, very loosely, on a dear friend whose pictures of locks have become a particular delight of mine. No even bother trying to sort out why — my delights are often completely inexplicable to anyone who isn’t actually me…

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