Carpe Noctem – Katie Salidas

carpe“Immortality is a precious gift but it doesn’t always last forever.” …Rozaline

Alyssa was a normal, not too successful, college student, spending her days in classes and her nights studying or hanging out with friends at a coffee shop just off the Las Vegas Strip. Then along came a vampire… So far it seemed like your typical Vampire Romance; boy meets girl, boy bites girl, boy and girl live blood-thirsty ever after. . .

Well, not quite. The genius of Ms. Salidas book is the way she takes a stock romance novel and twists it into something new and quite -I want to use the word dark, but it’s more than that. In all the paranormal romance I’ve read, never have I seen the reality of what adapting to the vampiric lifestyle would be explored in such tones of disbelief and harsh realization. Alyssa has to overcome not only her memories of the vicious attack that caused the end of her old life, but also the overwhelming need to feed which drives her out among Vegas’ criminal population, and the enigmatic Vampire who didn’t really want to turn her, but did.

Add in a competing coven out for revenge, church sanctioned terror squads aiming to destroy anything they deem unnatural, and Alyssa’s insistent hold on her old life and you have an action filled story with suspense, emotional intensity, and my complete attention.

I’ve already bought the next two books in this series. My weekend plans are overridden.

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