The Fountain – Suzy Vadori

“I’m terrified of expulsion,” Ava hissed at Ethan, “but this isn’t negotiable. Go back if you’rfountaine scared. I never asked you to come.”The first sentences of author Suzy Vadori’s debut novel, “The Fountain,” tell you everything you need to know about this great YA story.

Ava is in trouble. Her first days at a new school are going horribly wrong. Apparently, her parents had a reputation at the school and some of the students, even some of the teachers, are determined to make sure she knows it.

Finding an old stone fountain in the woods seems perfectly innocent, throwing a coin in and wishing for the problems to go away sounds perfectly logical. But what happens when they do?

Take the normal problems of a young girl in a new school, mix in just a smidge of magic, and competing love interests and you have the recipe for a great young adult read. Ms Vadori has re-imagined “It’s a wonderful life” for a younger, hipper age. With a twist at the end, that I won’t spoil here.

The characters are well thought out, though somewhat predictable. The mean girl, The friend-zoned boy, etc. etc. But it all comes together in a sweet story that I read in one very satisfying sitting.

                                      * * * * *
In his amazing book “That Hideous Strength,” C.S. Lewis defines a fairy tale as one where an ordinary world slowly reveals the magic beneath the skin. By that definition, The Fountain is definitely a fairy tale.
I will keep my eyes out for more by this author!

** Disclosure **

I received a free copy of this novel from Ms. Vadori’s publicist in return for an honest and unbiased review.  No other compensation was given or is expected