Suicide Stitch – Sarah L. Johnson

I’ll startsuicide-stitch this review with a confession. I don’t like horror. I very seldom read this genre and if it hadn’t come so highly recommended this book would never have seen my door. But…

 It’s good. Really good!

This selection of short stories draws you into a universe where everything is slightly off centre and love, the stitch that ties it all together, can be anything from obsession with a game, to twisted forms of parental love, to an innocent saved by a demons lust.

The writing is tight and concise. At times it’s graphic. But, and this is an important BUT to me, it is only graphic when the story demands and in the way it is needed. This is not slasher writing. It is smart, intelligent work that wakes you up at 3am wondering just how your world got so bent around.

Highly recommended but with the usual warnings!