Y’keta gets a great review!

Thanks so much Ari, from Ravenous for Reads, I'm honoured that you took time over Christmas to read and review Y'keta. Take a moment to check out their blog and see what they thought of the Sky Road! Ravenous for Reads The next installment of the Sky Road is taking shape and looks to be … Continue reading Y’keta gets a great review!

Are you searching for Peace?

About a year ago I was invited to take part in an experiment. Twenty authors from various genres came together to create the fictional town of Peace Montana. Each of us will contribute a novella to the series, a romance highlighting the diverse stories and people that have drifted across the prairie to settle in … Continue reading Are you searching for Peace?

Reposting in honour of Harry’s Birthday.

Required: Active male companion for frail senior, all expenses covered, must be willing to travel. The ad was irresistible. The reality was a Geritol driven hell.  “That’s it!” Rory shoved his shaggy brown hair out of his eyes and slung the despised paisley oxygen carrier from one shoulder to the other “One more whine, one … Continue reading Reposting in honour of Harry’s Birthday.