My Guardian – Alanea Alder

Guardian AAI have been a fan of Alanea Alder’s Bewitched and Bewildered series ever since young Meryl thumped her shifter mate with the back of his own toilet.  There are no vapid women in need of rescuing, or overbearing male ego’s that everyone has to bow down to in these books. My Guardian is no exception.

Adriel is a yummy vampire ruled by hundreds of years of tradition and hiding a family secret he daren’t reveal.

Eva is a texas lion shifter. This cowgal isn’t about to let any fangboy, no matter how sexy, stop her from protecting her pack.

Into this mix comes Meryn, a tiny human dynamo setting off every protective instinct that Eva has.

Can Adriel serve Noctem Falls as its Unit Commander and still keep an eye out for Eva and her pregnant human cub? The answer is hilarious.

This was one fast, fun, all night read. Highly Recommended!

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