A beautiful fire

I’m at the point in writing now where my main character is head over heels in love. For a respected elder this presents a bit of a problem. The newcomer  is quite a bit younger than D’vhan and – despite D’vhan’s best efforts – definitely the take charge man in this relationship.  Sooner or later the tension has to break and when it does sparks will fly. Until then here’s a snippet of dialogue and the song that plays in my head when I’m writing for these beautiful people.

‘What are you so afraid of,” he said. “Why does it frighten you that I’m ten cycles younger?” His light tenor voice carried such a weight of authority that a part of my very soul wanted to step into the hunger in his eyes.  But I knew if I moved, even a step closer, that I would be lost forever. I wasn’t a youngster to play with a beautiful Warrior and then walk away unburnt. This fire would consume me if I … I stepped forward stopping with the smudge fire between us. 


2 thoughts on “A beautiful fire

  1. Sounds intense 😉 This is the first time I’ve come across your blog, so I don’t know much about your WIP. Just judging by your language (eg. “cycles”), I’m assuming it’s some sort of sci-fi or fantasy work.

    The age gap is still an issue in society… Although celebrities seem to get away with the twenty or thirty-year gap (eg. Billy Joel and Alexis Roderick) without much fuss from the public.

    Anyway… Your work looks interesting! Keep at it 😄


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