Blog Tour for Y’keta!


The Sky Road Trilogy Book 1

by Sandra Hurst

Genre: Epic Fantasy


Banished. Cast out. Powerless. Y’keta is exiled to the small village of

Esquialt as his father’s punishment for his rebellious spirit.

Village tradition gives him one Cycle, from spring to spring, to earn

the right to stay. 

The villagers have a legend about mighty beings called the Waki’tani,

mythical lords of the wind and lightning who can shapeshift into

human form. Y’keta knows the truth behind these stories. Could there

be more to them than just tales shared around the campfire? 

If Y’keta reveals what he knows to the villagers, it will tear their

history and traditions apart…but sharing his secrets may be their

only hope for survival when Esquialt is threatened by the brutal,

ferociously destructive Utlaak.

Loosely based on the Thunderbird of North American legend, Y’keta is an epic

fantasy set in an ancient world where legends walk and the Sky Road

offers a way to the stars.



Hi, my name is Sandra Hurst, the author of the Sky Road fantasy


As a child growing up in England stories and legends

surrounded me, I learned how important imagination was. When I was 8,

we moved to northern Canada and the legends changed. Stories of the

Fae and the little people were replaced by legends of the Thunderbird

and stories of the woodlands. I never stood a chance. What could I be

but a writer? 

Growing up in Northern Alberta gave me a great love and respect for the wild

lands and indigenous cultures which made its way into the worlds I

create. A mythmaker at heart, I started writing poetry in middle school and

graduated to epic fantasy.

Myths give us a way to interpret the world past our normal experience. To

ask questions and explore answers in a larger-than-life game of ‘what

if.’ We need to make room for myths and mythmakers in our fact

driven world. To give space for worlds that are brighter and clearer

than our own. For it is in doing so, that we have room to become more

fully human.

My first book, Y’keta, is loosely based on the Thunderbird of North American legend, Y’keta is a Young Adult, high

fantasy set in an ancient world where legends walk and the Sky Road

offers a way to the stars.

I now live in Calgary, Alberta with my husband and son, both of whom I

love dearly, and have put for sale on e-bay when their behaviour

demanded it. My day to day life is a balance between my outside life

as a paralegal counsellor and my inner life as an author/poet. In

between, I work on courses to improve my writing, learning the Cree

Language, book reviews and blogging on my website, and studying

mythologies from around the world.



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