Morning at my house.

A soft echo of cursing drifts from the bedroom as a minion on my tablet yells “BELLO”* WTH- an email notification at 6am! I run into the bedroom to grab the tablet before it wakes the fuzzball; too late-it’s up. Good morning, I’m sorry, kiss, coffee.. all’s well in the house.

Now, who’s emailing me at half-past awful? Amazon… Oh? Really?

Eyes brighten, smile gains at least a gigawatt.

Y’keta has a new REVIEW!

Customer Review

on September 14, 2017
Y’keta is a beautiful telling of fictional Native American history. It tells the story of not just Y’keta, the main character, but a host of others as well. Sandra is a true wordsmith that captivated me with her unique and poetic style of writing. Her depiction of her characters not only makes them relatable but pulls you in emotionally. It is truly exceptional writing to the core. Thanks for this beautiful story, I look forward to more work from you.

Thank you so much, Amazon Customer.

Reviews are like hugs to an author! 




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