Just a Little Peace of Mind.

About a year ago I was invited to participate in the Peace Novella Series. Eighteen international authors from many different genres all, writing romance based novellas in and around the little town of Peace, Montana.

This was quite the stretch for ye old fantasy and medieval gal, I can honestly say that I fought harder for this story than for anything else I’ve ever written. But, after much agonizing and with a great deal of support from the other Peace Authors, I’m proud to say that Peace Out, the 18th book in the Peace Novella Series comes out on May 25th.

I’ve fallen in love with Cyn and Jericho’s story, and I hope you do too!

Peace Out-collage


Preorder pricing is available until May 25th. (here)

More About Peace

Ranging from high school sweethearts, to second chance romances, with a few international love affairs thrown in for flavour. There is a love story for everyone in Peace. Check out the Peace Novella Website (here) for information on the other amazing authors contributing to the series!

Peace Group Photo

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