Hunter’s Gambit- Brandy Ackerley

I’m eagerly waiting for this new release, coming March 15th! I’m a sucker for asian-inspired fantasy and Ackerley is steeped in the traditions and conventions that make it wonderful.

About the book:

Kuzunoha is running out of options. In just a month she’ll be an adult but as the illegitimate younger daughter of a rich noble, she can only see two possible futures. Both leave her a pawn in her elder sister’s game as family matriarch, a future as unacceptable to Kuzunoha as it is unavoidable. That changes when Kuzunoha saves the life of a stranger. In return for her help, the stranger offers her a way to have a future that doesn’t tie her to her family. He’s heard of a forgotten treasure nearby and needs a guide to help him search for it. Her family and friends don’t trust this dangerous man’s offer, but Kuzunoha accepts, knowing that she can’t live the life her sister wants for her anymore. Will she succeed in proving she can have a life outside of her sister’s shadow? Or will it all fall to pieces around her?

About the author:

Brandy Ackerley is a creator of worlds with words. While primarily a fantasy writer of novel-length fiction, she also enjoys writing short stories and novelettes in a variety of genres. Hunter’s Gambit is her first published novel. She adores anime, tabletop RPG’s and finding out more about mythology and culture worldwide. Brandy lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, both of whom are owned by their cat.

Media Links
You can find out more about Hunter’s Gambit and Brandy Ackerley by checking her out on the following sites:

Facebook – Inked Fox Press
Blog: Musing about the words
Twitter – Foxy Writer


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