May You Dance.

My character Siann stepped off the Sky Road this year.

Raised as the only child of the village Elder she knew from birth that her life was a straight road to responsibility. She would study, learn, take over her mother’s position and never leave the expected path. Then in one brutal night her mother was dead, her home was shattered and her life, for the first time, was her own to steer.

Like a cloud that has always been driven by a strong wind she foundered aimlessly when asked to chart her own course. The path before her suddenly seemed so narrow and confining. She didn’t want to be her mother. She didn’t know what she wanted, but that wasn’t it.

In the middle of this came an unexpected voice, Ren, one of the warriors sat beside a hopeless Siann and pointed at the northern lights.  These are her words, they brought Siann comfort and honestly, they’ve helped me as well.


The bonfire that was 2016 is slowly burning out and I’m looking to it’s embers to ignite a fire in 2017.

Whatever  comes your way in 2017 may it bring you joy!




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