But I Want To Have It Now!

There has been a shit-storm of venomous bloggery lately both attacking and defending the independent (indie) publishing industry and the authors who choose to self-publish this way.  I will confess that I’ve been guilty of contributing to the recriminations and jumping in to support my view that self-publishing is not only viable but in some cases preferable. But then, this happened . . .

Earlier today I was speaking with an author who has recently released her first book on Kindle and who was upset because someone on Amazon left a very negative review. Certainly, it could have been worded a bit better, but the reviewer had obviously found serious difficulties with not only the story, but also basics like grammar and spelling. This is unacceptable.

libraryIf you follow this page, you know that I love doing book reviews. Some books are good, some are bad, some are brilliant, but I love reading them all.  The one thing that will make me put a book down faster than anything else is the lack of coherent editing.

For the love of language, PLEASE, your mother, your grandmother who used to teach English or your three best friends from your writing course are not competent editors. I use language for a living and still I pay a professional to comb through my books for grammar, editing, and context mistakes and she always finds them! One of the few advantages to books that have been traditionally published is that you can at least guarantee that the words are spelled correctly!

I know that money is hard to come by for starting author, at times it seems almost impossible.

I know that the drive to see your baby out on a shelf somewhere so that you can point and say, “I did it,” can be consuming.

It’s tempting to rush, to just hit KDP and publish rather than go through the slow process of sending one chapter every payday to an editor. That’s not even thinking of time and effort it takes to re-write with her corrections, then resubmit, rewrite, beta read, re-write, re-edit,  it seems endless. It’s not, believe me, it’s not.

Take your time walking towards that final publish button. Once you’ve pushed it the baby is born and you can’t correct congenital defects.  If it takes an extra year you’ll hate every minute of it, but doesn’t the dream that took hundreds of hours to rough out deserve the time to be polished and perfect on its birthday?

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