Sky Road – Feeling thankful

It feels like I made this video a long time ago, when really it was a bit more than 2 years.

This is a recording of my first ever public reading of Y’keta. The story has changed a bit since then. but it shows me that the Road was real. It amazes me when I look now and think that this book is finished now and making it’s way around the kingdom of Amazon.

I’m so thankful for this journey, for all the friends who kept me going and talked me into believing my baboon crap could possibly become a real novel.

I’m not going to name names and embarrass people. but thank you, all.

2 thoughts on “Sky Road – Feeling thankful

  1. Beautiful! I didn’t know you’d made this! Even though it was years ago that you began this journey, the heart of it remains just as true, just as powerful. You’ve created something beautiful, poignant, and lasting. I hope you’re as proud of yourself as I am of you. It takes no small amount of bravery to get this far, and I know you’d be the first to shake your head and dismiss the beauty of your writing (and your humility is one of your most endearing qualities, to be sure), but this book that you’ve written–only the start, I’m convinced, of the journey to come–this is truly something to be proud of. You’ve made something beautiful and I hope that others take the opportunity you’ve granted them to walk with you, the author, through this amazing story of hope and determination, and perhaps they’ll find something surprising within themselves along the way as your characters do that will change their perspective and help them to believe in their own inner strength. Well done, my friend.


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