Here’s to the Real Heroes of #Cockygate

If you are part of the writing community on social media you’ve heard about the efforts of one indie writer to trademark the word Cocky and make using it illegal in book titles or promotions.

Everyone has their own opinions on the ethics or legality of this manoeuvre but really, I don’t give a rats ass. There is only group of heroes in this story, and they’ve gone unthanked and unrecognized. I want to change that.

Who are these brave souls, you ask? Well; it’s not the author who started the whole explosion, she’s just grabbing for her fleeting moment of fame, it’s not the army of outraged authors who started flapping their collective beaks and screaming foul the moment the story came to light, and it’s definitely not the lawyers who sit, smile, and count their billable time.

The hero in this tale is you!

LlamaThe readers–the ones who buy our books time after time trusting in the magic we create and believing that our words are somehow worth your hard earned money. You don’t pay attention to the drama, you don’t feel hurt, slighted, or offended because some stray snowflake happens to land on your side of the street, and you really don’t want to know or be involved in what happens behind the scenes at the scriptorium. You just want good books to read.

I want to thank you and all the other anti-drama llamas and to apologize. Here in the book world, although we may get overheated and fly around squawking at times, we realize that whether one person reads our books, or millions do, each and every reader deserves thanks and respect.

We have been acting like children fighting over toys, and I’m sorry.  I promise that at least for my part, the drama is over – back to making the magic.

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