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We all have our comforts.

For some of us, maybe its an indulgent square of dark chocolate, or an aromatic cup of hot coffee. For others it could be a smell, a movie, or a song. But Sandra Hurst’s novella, Peace Out, might just be a comfort all in itself.

First and foremost, this is more than a simple tale of country romance. Peace Out is like a big comfy blanket that engulfs you as you feel the tension melt away. There is drama, don’t get me wrong, but it’s believable and relatable.

This story takes place in the fictional town of Peace, Montana where Cynthia, or Cyn, and her mother, Bev, will wrap you up in the very real turmoils of cancer, familial secrets, and the tipping of scales when it comes to small town politics.

We watch Cyn evolve from an over-burdened, homebound caretaker whose frozen in time, into an independent, ambitious woman who strives to achieve her dreams. Even her mother, Bev, suffers through several internal struggles throughout the book; some of them life-changing.

But what I love most about this story is how Cyn’s cowboy crush, Jericho, is the loving and supportive kind of southern gentleman we can all admire. However, as far as the romance is concerned, it’s a sweet undertone in the book, and Hurst portrayed female empowerment through Cyn in a very subtle, yet powerful way.

This novella, though fast-paced, is a well written and relaxing read. The ending will leave you wanting more without the cliffhanger. Hurst’s storytelling ability is also excellent. There were only a few instances of repetitiveness and a couple typographical errors.

In the end, Peace Out is the kind of book you should whip out as you sit by the fire on a snowy day. And don’t forget to bring your coffee, folks, because this book will have you craving a mug of it something awful.

Peace Out final cover.Favourite Quotes:

“Her heart was wrapped in bailing wire, its razor-sharp threads were all that held her together now.”

“Fortunately, this gave Cynthia a prime view of an unexpected asset. And man, what an asset.”

“Cyn felt her heart flutter and slammed the lid hard on her wayward emotions.”

“One sip of water will not save a dying man.”

‘Peace Out’ is for sale on Amazon.

Connect with Sandra Hurst on TwitterFacebook, or via her blog.


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