Asking the big questions.

What is right and wrong?    Does it matter if I do the right thing?   Can I make a difference? These are the questions that make us human. These are the things that I strive to explore in my work.

Attempting to deal with great questions on a human level is probably the hardest part of being a mythmaker. I do not write unkillable hero’s just people with big questions who are willing to go outside of their everyday lives to find big answers.

My most recent question is unfolding in my character, Siann’s, story. What happens if you get what you want and then don’t like it?

All her life Siann has wanted more than just to follow her mother as Shaman of the people. She wants adventure, to be honoured and respected by the village and to hear the voices in the lightning. After finding the Lifebinder stone and using it to save a young warrior, she thought her wish had come true.

But now

  • Conversations end when she gets close …
  • People who used to be friends are now wary and overly polite…
  • The elders call on her for things far above her twenty years of experience…
  • And she’s on the run from a relentless enemy determined to use her power.

How do you make a normal life once you have been touched by such power? Can she find a way back to just being Siann?

Here’s a taste of her story:

“He’s not really sleeping, Siann.” D’vhan’s gravelly voice echoed from the darkness. “As much as you don’t believe it, he watches over you, we all do.”

“But I don’t want to be watched over!” Sian complained. “I know I sound childish. You’ve told me so many times.” Sitting up Siann grabbed her knees and pulled them to her chest, protecting the huddled ball of misery that was her heart. “I am tired, D’vhan. Tired of being treated like some legendary wise woman. I’m just me. The same me that grew up here!” Reaching out, D’vhan pulled Siann’s hand from it’s white-knuckled grip on her knees and turned it towards the fire. His rough callused finger traced over the image of the Lifebinder burned into her palm. “You are different child, and it’s not a blessing,” he said. The Stone marked you, claimed you for something beyond just being a village shaman.”

Sian’s dark hair flopped limply across her face as her head dropped despondently onto her knees. “But I don’t want it.”

“Don’t you?” D’vhan asked gently, tipping her face up and forcing her to meet his eyes. “You aren’t the hatchling who wanted more than to be tied to the village? Who longed for travel and adventure beyond the normal life of a shaman? Then you aren’t the same Siann I watched grow up, always underfoot and questioning everything.”

“Maybe I did want something.” Siann answered staring into the dying fire, “But not this. This running, hiding, never feeling safe. I didn’t want this.”

If you are interested in reading more, the first part of the Sky Road Trilogy is available at and keep a lookout for Siann’s story. Coming later this year.

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